HR Compliance: What Changes When Your Business Reaches 50 Employees

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Growing your business to 50 employees is a great accomplishment, one that you’ve undoubtedly worked long and hard for and should be celebrated. As a mid-sized business, your company has outgrown its start-up struggles, but now faces a whole new...

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The Dos and Don’ts of Workplace Dress Codes

dress code

A business dress code detailed in your employee handbook provides guidelines to help your employees understand what you expect them to wear to work. After all, your employees are representatives of your business and a dress code not only ensures...

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Ask the HR Expert: Employee Engagement and Your Business' Success

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Employee engagement is arguably the single largest indicator of business success. When employees are committed to the organizations they work for and actively seek to advance their employers’ missions, productivity and profitability improve. In...

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Staying Out of Harm’s Way: Handling Disgruntled Employees

disgruntled employees

2017 was the most violent year in recent history for workplace shootings, which are increasingly common. The FBI reported that there were more “active shooter” incidents and related homicides that year than in any 12-month period since at least...

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Positive Safety Cultures: Why Every Business Should Build One

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When we discuss safety in the workplace, what comes to mind? Construction? Manufacturing? Transportation and Shipping? While some industries inherently have a greater safety risk than others, hazards exist in all workplaces, even your typical...

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When Work Stinks: What Employers Need to Know

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Employee Sensitivity to Office Smells Could Lead to Litigation

Sometimes, work stinks – literally. One employee’s olfactory delight can be another colleague’s nasal affront. You could say that – similar to the notion that beauty is in the eye of...

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A Mediocre Hire Could Be Worse Than a Bad Hire

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A 2018 study by The Hartford asked small businesses owners what their biggest challenge was — finding good employees, competing with big business, tax compliance or uncertain economic times? An overwhelming 64 percent of respondents identified...

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Workplace Violence: Most Active Shooter Incidents Occur at Work

Blog Active Shooter

Last Friday morning, on May 31, 2019, DeWayne Craddock informed his bosses via email he was resigning from his career as an engineer for Virginia Beach’s municipal government, where he tended the water and sewer system for the past 15 years. But...

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Fair Pay is Fair Play: A Pay Equity Audit Ensures Compliance with New Laws

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To try to equalize compensation between male and female employees and people in other protected classifications, fair pay laws are gaining traction in states and cities. The nation’s renewed focus on pay equity means employers of all sizes can...

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Navigating Pay Equity in the #MeToo Era

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The #MeToo movement has raised the profile of pay equity issues in America, resulting in a nationwide trend among state and local municipalities to pass legislation aimed at ending the cycle of pay discrimination against women.

Federal laws...

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