Cost of the Grind: The Impact of Stress at Work

Annoyed designer gesturing in front of her laptop in her office

Bills are tight. Your spouse had to go to the emergency room recently, so you’re trying to make it up with longer hours. The clock is dragging. Your mother is getting older and might have to move in soon. It takes twice as long as usual to read...

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Small Business Health Insurance: How To Manage Costs

blog image managing health care costs

There's no question about it small business health insurance costs can be a major concern for business owners. In fact, The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimates employers will spend nearly $15,000 per employee on health...

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Stay with Me: Why Good Employees Leave

blog image why employees leave

There is perhaps nothing more disruptive or expensive for a small business than employee departures. According to the Work Institute, a Franklin, Tennessee-based consulting firm, an estimated 41 million people quit their jobs in 2018 – up 8...

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Slammed Online: How to Handle Bad Reviews by Ex-Employees

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In today’s digital world, just one disillusioned ex-employee can wreak havoc on an employer’s reputation. Even a single nasty Tweet that goes viral can affect a company’s sales, morale and ability to recruit and send company leaders scrambling to...

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Four Risks Small Businesses Face When Firing Employees

August 2 blog

When you’re a small business owner, having to fire an employee sometimes comes with the territory. The process is never without some anxiety. Adding to the unpleasantness are the inherent risks all employers assume when they decide terminating an...

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Sick Days: What to do When Employees Lie

July 26 blog image

“I’m sick” is sometimes the grown-up version of “the dog ate my homework.” It’s nothing new. For years, employees have been feigning illness just because they want a day off. What is new is that employers have more ways to check up on employees’...

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HR Compliance: What Changes When Your Business Reaches 50 Employees

Blog Image 50 plus employees

Growing your business to 50 employees is a great accomplishment, one that you’ve undoubtedly worked long and hard for and should be celebrated. As a mid-sized business, your company has outgrown its start-up struggles, but now faces a whole new...

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The Dos and Don’ts of Workplace Dress Codes

dress code

A business dress code detailed in your employee handbook provides guidelines to help your employees understand what you expect them to wear to work. After all, your employees are representatives of your business and a dress code not only ensures...

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Ask the HR Expert: Employee Engagement and Your Business' Success

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Employee engagement is arguably the single largest indicator of business success. When employees are committed to the organizations they work for and actively seek to advance their employers’ missions, productivity and profitability improve. In...

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Staying Out of Harm’s Way: Handling Disgruntled Employees

disgruntled employees

2017 was the most violent year in recent history for workplace shootings, which are increasingly common. The FBI reported that there were more “active shooter” incidents and related homicides that year than in any 12-month period since at least...

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