Employee Discipline Best Practices for the Small Business Owner

Oct 15 Blog Image

Disciplining employees can be one of the most dreaded tasks facing any manager or small business owner. Not only must the disciplinary practice be consistent and effective, but in smaller organizations, where workers often wear many different...

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Eight Things Employers Need to Know in the Era of Legal Marijuana

Oct 11 blog image

Times are changing. As the issue of medical and even recreational cannabis use becomes a question less and less set-in-stone, businesses are increasingly wondering whether they need to change their policies in the wake of shifting tides....

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Five Spooktacular Things to Do in Kansas City This Halloween

Halloween in Kansas City Blog Image

It’s a wicked fun time of year in Kansas City — the nighttime air is getting crisp, the leaves are changing colors and our minds are buzzing with ghoulish costumes to wear on the spookiest night of the year — Halloween. From family-friendly...

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Money Isn’t Everything: How to Motivate Employees without Money

blog image money isnt everything

Small and mid-sized business owners often think their employees are at risk for cherry-picking by other companies who can offer higher wages. But most of the time, pay level alone won’t persuade workers to go somewhere else. It also won’t...

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Not on My Watch: Six Types of Harassment in the Workplace

blog image harassment 1

The #MeToo movement, which marks its two-year anniversary this month, has catapulted sexual harassment to the forefront of the American consciousness and forever solidified the rules for acceptable workplace behaviors. While #MeToo has garnered...

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To Make Employees Feel Engaged, Benefits Matter

Blog Image Employee Engagement

The best members of every work team are more than just talented. They’re also fully engaged in the company’s mission and purpose. Those are the workers every employer wants. Why? Because engaged employees are loyal and productive employees. They...

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No Call No Show Employees: What to Do When They Reappear

sept 30 blog image

Emergencies happen. As an employer, you must navigate the many mishaps and setbacks — big and small — that employees will find themselves facing outside of work. Deaths in the family, car troubles and sudden hospital visits are all in the mix. In...

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Succession Planning for the Small Business Owner

Blog Image Succession Planning Blog 2

As a small business owner, you go through the risk, sacrifice and hard work to build your business from the ground up. And with all of this time and effort put into building and creating, not many successful owners, like yourself, are dreaming of...

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The High Cost of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Pulse Image Two Harassment

The #MeToo movement has heightened awareness of workplace harassment, a pervasive problem and one of the most-discussed issues in recent history. What has gotten less attention, however, is the extent to which such misconduct harms not just...

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Right to Disconnect: Guidelines for Contacting Employees After Hours

Blog Image Right to Disconnect

After the workday and the commute home, most employees just want to unwind. But in the middle of their personal time, managers and coworkers might be sending out emails, and inevitably, some of those emails go to employees who are off work. To an...

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