What to Do When an Employee Has an Infectious Disease

Infectious diseases (or communicable diseases) can be caused by viruses (e.g., the common cold, influenza, measles, HIV), bacteria (e.g., strep throat, meningitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis), fungi (e.g., ringworm, Athlete’s Foot) or parasites...

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Ask the Expert: Do I Have to Allow Employees to Work Flexible Schedules?

Q: A couple of my employees have asked for flexible working arrangements. I value my employees and want to be sensitive to their requests. But, because we are a small business, their absences from our workplace could put a bigger burden on other...

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The Dos and Don'ts of Valentine's Day in the Workplace

Over 50% of Americans will be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, according to new data shared by the National Retail Federation (NRF), showing their love or affection for that special someone with red roses, expensive chocolates, balloon...

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How to Respond When You Hear “I Want a Raise”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. workers quit their jobs in 2019 at the fastest rate on record. The number one reason people voluntarily change employers, not surprisingly, is for a bigger paycheck.

Ironically, it could cost...

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Recruiting: How to Get More Job Applicants

The unemployment rate continues to hold at a record low and more and more employers are finding their job ads are producing fewer job applicants than in the past. In fact, according to Forbes, failure to attract qualified talent is the number one...

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Staying Afloat: Options When the HR Flood is Overwhelming

Human Resources (HR) encompasses a lot. Even a fully staffed HR department might have trouble juggling all its demands, which include issues like managing payroll, handling harassment complaints, navigating the murky waters of health insurance...

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Taking Time to Rethink PTO

Our culture values hard work. We tell one another to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps, or to be self-made individuals. We preach and hold sacred the American Dream—the idea that anyone can improve their life so long as they work hard enough.


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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Health Insurance for Your Small Business

small business health insurance blog image

Tell a small business owner, “Hey, it’s time to revisit the health insurance you offer your employees,” and he or she may break out in a cold sweat. The annual process of evaluating insurance options and choosing the one that best fits your...

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Seven Reasons Up-to-Date Job Descriptions Are a Must

blog image up to date job descriptions

From business owners and management to HR and employees, the degree of people who depend on accurate, up-to-date job descriptions spans across your entire organization. Up-to-date job descriptions aid in determining appropriate compensation for...

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Hygiene at Work: How to Talk to an Employee About Body Odor

oct 24 blog image

We’ve all been there, most of us on both ends. There’s a pungent smell, a missed patch of stubble, or rip in some clothing. It can be an awkward situation to deal with even among the best of friends, so when hygiene issues come up at work, they...

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