4 Ways Smaller Businesses Can Make Benefits More Affordable

nov 8 blog image

When small and mid-sized businesses offer comprehensive benefits, the investment pays back dividends in employee satisfaction, reduced turnover, recruiting effectiveness and a healthier team.

Although smaller businesses generally understand the...

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Seven Reasons Up-to-Date Job Descriptions Are a Must

blog image up to date job descriptions

From business owners and management to HR and employees, the degree of people who depend on accurate, up-to-date job descriptions spans across your entire organization. Up-to-date job descriptions aid in determining appropriate compensation for...

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Why Counteroffers Fail and What Employers Should Do Instead

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Employers naturally want to do whatever they can to hang on to productive, valuable employees. When one such employee decides to resign, it’s all too tempting for employers to tempt employees to stay by throwing raises and perks at the employee...

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Deciphering the Acronyms: Types of Managed Care Plans

blog image deciphering the acronyms

About 153 million working Americans – more than half – rely on employer-sponsored health insurance, according to the 2019 benchmark KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation) Employer Health Benefits Survey. This makes employers the principal source of...

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Chasing the Silver Lining: How to Overcome Negativity in the Workplace

how to overcome negativity in the workplace

We’re all human. Even the most stoic among us have emotions, positive or negative. Inevitably, despite some of our best attempts at compartmentalization, those highs and lows of emotion find their way into the workplace. Work can thrive on swells...

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No Room for Workplace Harassment or Bullying

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Workplace harassment and bullying are hot button issues for today’s employers . Harassment more commonly rises to the level of illegality, and both involve patterns of mistreatment. Both are unwanted behaviors that can damage business by causing:

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Hygiene at Work: How to Talk to an Employee About Body Odor

oct 24 blog image

We’ve all been there, most of us on both ends. There’s a pungent smell, a missed patch of stubble, or rip in some clothing. It can an awkward situation to deal with even among the best of friends, so when hygiene issues come up at work, they can...

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How HR Tech Can Improve Your Business’ Open Enrollment Experience

Oct 21 Blog Image 2

The uses of technology seem to be endless. And with the focus increasingly being placed on the user experience, helping to create a seamless, positive experience, more and more small and medium-sized businesses have turned to HR technology to...

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5 Tips for Writing a Compelling Job Advertisement

oct 21 blog image

For small business owners and hiring managers, filling an empty position at your organization is a large task, especially with unemployment at a record low. If you want to be able to attract and hire top tier talent, you need to put your best...

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Five Effective Employee Retention Strategies

oct 18 blog image

Employee retention is arguably one of the most critical strategies for small business success, especially in today’s historically tight labor market. The unemployment rate nationally has hovered at or below 4% since April 2018. That makes...

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