Ask the Expert: Do I Have to Allow Employees to Work Flexible Schedules?

Q: A couple of my employees have asked for flexible working arrangements. I value my employees and want to be sensitive to their requests. But, because we are a small business, their absences from our workplace could put a bigger burden on other...

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3 Reasons Every Business Should Run Pre-Employment Background Checks

Between sorting through resumes, scheduling interviews and stretching your current staff to cover an empty position, the hiring process can be long and tiresome. It only seems natural that once you believe you’ve found the right candidate, you’d...

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Deciphering the Acronyms: Types of Managed Care Plans

blog image deciphering the acronyms

About 153 million working Americans – more than half – rely on employer-sponsored health insurance, according to the 2019 benchmark KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation) Employer Health Benefits Survey. This makes employers the principal source of...

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Terminating an Employee Without Warning; When to Skip Progressive Discipline

blog image oct 16

Progressive discipline usually looks like this: an employer first issues a verbal warning to an employee displaying misconduct, then issues a written warning if problems continue, a final warning if misconduct continues thereafter, and finally...

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Employee Discipline Best Practices for the Small Business Owner

Oct 15 Blog Image

Disciplining employees can be one of the most dreaded tasks facing any manager or small business owner. Not only must the disciplinary practice be consistent and effective, but in smaller organizations, where workers often wear many different...

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To Make Employees Feel Engaged, Benefits Matter

Blog Image Employee Engagement

The best members of every work team are more than just talented. They’re also fully engaged in the company’s mission and purpose. Those are the workers every employer wants. Why? Because engaged employees are loyal and productive employees. They...

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Employee Appreciation: Creative Work Anniversary Gifts

Employee Appreciation Blog Image

During the hiring process, we all look for those individuals who seek to be a lasting part of an organization. We know high turnover rates can have negative impacts on morale and productivity, so we look for those steadfast candidates who will...

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Ask the Expert: Is a Gym Membership Tax Deductible for a Business?

Group of people at the gym exercising on the xtrainer machines

Well-intentioned employers everywhere are offering gym memberships to their employees as a fringe benefit and for good reason — benefits like this make it easier to recruit and retain employees and may even lower healthcare costs for employers....

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Four Risks Small Businesses Face When Firing Employees

August 2 blog

When you’re a small business owner, having to fire an employee sometimes comes with the territory. The process is never without some anxiety. Adding to the unpleasantness are the inherent risks all employers assume when they decide terminating an...

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Qualifying Life Events and Health Insurance Enrollment

Blog Image Health Insurance Qualifying Events

Prior to 2014, if a freelancer, consultant or sole proprietor needed to purchase health insurance, they could do so year-round, pending approval from the insurance provider. But with the passing of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, year-round...

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