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Should You Require Face Masks in Your Workplace?

While the economy starts to re-open after coronavirus lockdown, non-essential businesses are faced with restarting business operations during an ongoing pandemic. Essential businesses that have remained open have had to deal with how to manage...

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Asleep on the Job: When You Have to Pay Employees for “Unproductive” Time

The Fair Labor Standards Act, the federal law that regulates minimum wage and overtime pay, has a lot to say about when employees must be paid for time an employer might consider unproductive. Because the FLSA requires that non-exempt employees...

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Running Scared: Addressing Employee Fears about Returning to Work During the Pandemic

First, the coronavirus pandemic shuttered “non-essential” businesses and drove employees home to work. Now, many of those same employees are trepidatious about returning to their traditional worksites as the economy reopens.

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COVID-19’s Second Impact: Addressing Mental Health as Employees Return to the Workplace

While the nation may be flattening the curve of the coronavirus pandemic – at least enough for businesses to consider bringing employees back to the workplace – another pandemic may be following right behind it. Marissa Levine, director of the...

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How to Engage Remote Workers

Many organizations have found themselves in the remote workspace a little sooner than anticipated as they comply with the government's recommendation (or in some places, requirement) that non-essential workers be sent home. And, as they've made...

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Unemployment Benefits During the COVID-19 Pandemic: What Employers Need to Know

Updated March 26, 2020

As coronavirus-related emergency orders force more business closures, an increasing number of Americans find themselves out of work. After years of low joblessness, unemployment insurance claims are spiking.  The Department...

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Working from Home? Here are Five Tips to Help You Stay Productive

Employers and employees across the globe are working to set up efficient, effective home offices in order to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. Whether you're aiming to comply with government mandates, simply doing your part or offering...

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How to Deal With an Employee Who Didn’t Get the Promotion

Telling outside candidates they didn’t get the job may not be one of your favorite things to do as an employer, but it’s par for the course. You couldn’t possibly hire everyone who applied for a position at your company — one job opening, one...

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Ask the Expert: Do I Have to Allow Employees to Work Flexible Schedules?

Q: A couple of my employees have asked for flexible working arrangements. I value my employees and want to be sensitive to their requests. But, because we are a small business, their absences from our workplace could put a bigger burden on other...

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3 Reasons Every Business Should Run Pre-Employment Background Checks

Between sorting through resumes, scheduling interviews and stretching your current staff to cover an empty position, the hiring process can be long and tiresome. It only seems natural that once you believe you’ve found the right candidate, you’d...

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