2020 HR Checklist

For business owners and HR professionals, ensuring HR (human resources) compliance is a must. With 2020 underway, it’s time to take inventory of which annual HR compliance to-dos you’ve already checked off your list and which ones are still...

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Staying Afloat: Options When the HR Flood is Overwhelming

Human Resources (HR) encompasses a lot. Even a fully staffed HR department might have trouble juggling all its demands, which include issues like managing payroll, handling harassment complaints, navigating the murky waters of health insurance...

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Health Care Tax Credit Gives Small Companies Room to Breathe

Under the Affordable Care Act, small businesses can get a little help covering the cost of health insurance for their employees. The small business health care tax credit, which especially benefits companies that employ low- and moderate-income...

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Taking Time to Rethink PTO

Our culture values hard work. We tell one another to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps, or to be self-made individuals. We preach and hold sacred the American Dream—the idea that anyone can improve their life so long as they work hard enough.


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Are Annual Performance Reviews So Last Century?

dec 27 blog image 2

Annual employee performance reviews have had their day in the sun for decades. But it may be time for the sun to set on that tired, old workplace staple.

Employee performance reviews lack true value to companies because:

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Four Reasons to Offer Employee Health Benefits (Even if You Aren't Legally Required)

dec 27 blog image

Though small businesses with fewer than 50 full-time employees are not legally required to provide health insurance to their employees, about 30 percent of them still do, according to Kaiser Family Foundation. Those small business owners know...

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How to Cross-Train Employees When Your Workforce is Remote

dec 18 blog image

There are many ways work and employment have changed in the 21st century. You can send emails from your smartphone, share spreadsheets via the cloud and research job applicants on social media. One of the biggest trends employers are seeing as we...

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Comparing Health Insurance Options: Daunting but Worth It

dec 17 blog image

The process of comparing employee health insurance plans is daunting for anyone -- and even more so for small business owners, who usually don’t have deep experience deciphering providers’ individual approaches to costs and coverage.

The system...

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A Year in Review: Law Changes Affecting Business Owners in 2020

dec 10 blog image

updated January 14, 2020

We may have closed the books on 2019, but the key law changes passed last year took effect January 1, 2020 and will continue to impact business owners moving forward. From the Kansas City Salary History Ban and legal...

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7 Steps to Create a Happy Workplace

dec 9 blog image

Employee morale is one of the most integral aspects of a successful business. Employees who are happier are more productive and will stick around longer. Besides, who wants to spend their time day in and out in a gloomy and depressing workplace?...

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