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Kansas City Spring Break Staycation Ideas


For many of us around the Kansas City metro, spring break is in full swing. And while a beach vacation may sound like the perfect family getaway, sometimes the time, money or ability to get away just isn’t there. But don’t worry, there are plenty...

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Salary History Bans: Are They in the Near Future for Kansas City Private Employers?

Business people waiting to be called into interview at the office

It remains one of the most dreaded hiring process questions by job seekers everywhere - “What was your salary at your previous job?” Not only do applicants feel the question holds them back from advancing their career, but it perpetuates gender...

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Ask the HR Expert: Is it Legal to Fire a Pregnant Employee?

Pregnant businesswoman talking with colleague sitting at desk in the office

Terminating an employee is never an easy situation, and it can cause just as much stress and hardship for the employer as the employee. Further, when not handled correctly, it can lead to potential legal issues, including allegations of...

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Flirting with Trouble: Today’s Office Fling May Be Tomorrow’s Court Case

Woman using her smartphone against dating website

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Cupid’s arrow could strike the hearts of some of your employees. Or maybe it already has.

Workplace romances are somewhat inevitable. After all, most full-time employees spend more time at the job site than they...

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Beyond the Water Cooler: 7 HR Best Practices for Small Business Owners

Successful business team at the office looking happy

Most business owners agree employees are their most valuable assets. So, it follows that maintaining a desirable workplace where people enjoy their jobs is imperative to a company’s long-term success. But managing day-to-day human resource...

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Q&A: Employee Claiming a Hostile Work Environment

Director bullying his young attractive employee in the office

Question: An employee is claiming a hostile work environment situation. What should I do next?

Answer: Take the matter seriously and get the facts to better understand the employee’s concerns. It could be a matter 

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