11 Things to Know About Wage Garnishment and Child Support

As an employer, you may receive a court order requiring you to withhold from the wages of an employee due to wage garnishment or child support obligations. Here's what you need to know when you receive an order. 

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Federal CARES Act Offers Coronavirus-Related Financial Relief to Struggling Small Businesses

The $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) will provide financial assistance to small companies, many of which are fighting to stay afloat amid business shutdowns and stay-at-home orders nationwide. Approved by...

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State & Federal Compliance: The 8 Most Common Wage & Hour Violations

Between state and federal guidelines, employers and human resources professionals must comply with dozens of wage and hour rules. To add difficulty, employers with employees working across multiple states must comply with the guidelines in each...

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When There’s an Additional Pay Period; It’s Not Just a Leap Year Issue

Throw one extra day into the year and it can create all kinds of payroll confusion for employers. While the headaches an extra pay period can create aren’t exclusive to leap years, many employers run into an extra pay period during leap years,...

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Compliance in 2020: New Year, New Payroll Changes

As we turn the calendar to a new year, we also must understand and ensure compliance with the various new employment laws, including payroll changes, that took effect on January 1, 2020. Here are six changes employers need to know when processing...

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Axcet HR Solutions Named 2019 Best Places to Work by Kansas City Business Journal

Blog Image Aug 22

Each year, Kansas City Business Journal (KCBJ) recognizes the most outstanding companies, as identified by their employees, whose benefits, policies and practices are among the best in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The entire team at Axcet...

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Inclement Weather Policy: Can Employers Require Attendance During Severe Storms?

Young asian businessman sitting at the table with laptop and holding umbrella over gray background. Looking up

When business owners create their organization’s inclement weather policy, the first scenario to come to mind is often extreme winter weather. Let’s face it, how many times do you see cancellations on the news due to torrential downpours, hail or...

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Ghosting: Issuing Final Paychecks When an Employee Disappears


At one time, the only people who seemed to get “ghosted” were millennials in the dating world who shared their stories across social media. Unfortunately, the traumatic practice of ending personal relationships suddenly, by cutting off all...

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Ask the Payroll Expert: How Long to Keep Payroll Records

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Whether you own a two-employee business or have grown to a team of 15, recordkeeping is a must. But having accurate payroll records is only part of the process — business owners must keep them in a secure place and for varying amounts of time to...

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6 Last-Minute Tax Tips

Handsome guy working with tablet in office

If you haven’t filed your 2018 taxes yet, you’re not alone. In fact, many taxpayers wait until the last minute. But with Tax Day less than two weeks away, it is time to get the necessary documents together to prepare and file your taxes or to...

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