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Employer's Intro to Addressing Harassment in the Workplace [Webinar on Demand]

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Axcet HR Solutions' webinar on demand starts the conversation and gets you thinking about addressing harassment in the workplace.

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Preparing for an OSHA Inspection [free checklist]

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OSHA can knock at any time. The smart business owner is prepared well in advance and is ready when the OSHA inspector arrives. By following these simple steps detailed in Preparing for an OSHA Inspection [checklist], you'll have the programs,...

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Q&A: New employee (6-mts) just asked for a raise. Now what?

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Question: One of our newer employees (she’s been with us only six months) just asked for a raise. One issue is that she was hired near the top of the salary range for her position, and while she’s a great employee, we feel giving her a raise now...

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Will Your Job Descriptions Shield You in a Potential Wage and Hour Audit?

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Wage and hour laws and regulations are always a hot topic. Many employers spent a good part of 2016 ensuring compliance with the Department of Labor (DOL) Wage and Hour Division’s proposed changes to overtime rules that were scheduled to go into...

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How America's Sexual Harassment Reckoning Affects All Workplaces


Harvey Weinstein brought to light a disturbing, but not surprising, fact about the American workplace. Moving into 2018, sexual harassment is more on the minds of HR leaders and businesses than ever before. A panel of experts discusses next...

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4 Employer Best Practices for a Harassment-Free Workplace [e-book]

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Failing to create a safe and respectful environment puts small and mid-sized companies at risk for damage to the organization's reputation and the sizeable financial costs of a lawsuit.

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Can a 1 or 2-person company get group medical insurance?

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Question: Is a small owner-only business eligible for group medical insurance? At this time, our company is comprised of the owner and his wife. There are no other employees yet, but we plan to hire employees in the future. Can we buy a group...

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Wellness Programs - Court Sets Expiration Date on Current Rules

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A new chapter has begun in the years-long saga of rules, regulations, and court challenges affecting workplace wellness programs. At issue is the meaning of “voluntary” and whether programs that offer financial incentives to employees to...

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On the Wrong Side of the Law: Two Common Employer Mistakes

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In an effort to keep their companies lean and profitable, small business owners sometimes inadvertently break employment laws. These mistakes can be costly.

Two common ways small operations run afoul of employment laws are:

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Five Signs of Small Business Identity Theft, New Protection Methods

Small business identity theft is a big business. Just like individuals, businesses can be victims too. Thieves use a business’s information to file fake tax returns or get credit cards.

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