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Preventing Serious Injuries and Fatalities

Physician giving to patient pills for headache

An increasing number of experts say that workplace safety programs that focus on serious injury and fatality prevention are the most effective. This strategy calls for a proactive effort to prevent incidents before they occur. Read more.

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Vacation Float: Managing (and recouping) Unearned Vacation Time

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Vacation “float” is the practice of advancing vacation to employees before it’s actually accrued under an employer’s vacation policy. What happens if the employee leaves before “repaying” floated time? Read More.

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Employees Donate PTO to Hurricane Victims

VACATION! written in blue across five days of white monthly calendar

Programs to donate paid time off (PTO) among coworkers are not new, but thanks to an IRS action there now is a way for employees to donate to strangers who need help in the wake of the recent hurricanes. Read more.  

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Retirement Plan Concerns Following Equifax Breach

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Employers that sponsor 401(k) and other retirement savings plans have a fiduciary duty to protect plan assets. The recent Equifax breach that exposed the personal data of millions of Americans is raising concerns among employers about their...

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Mandatory Flu Vaccine Policies: Dealing with Employees Who Refuse the Shot

Man with a fever and a thermometer on his mouth isolated

Flu season is coming, and healthcare (and other) organizations may be asking whether they should have mandatory flu vaccine policies. If an employer decides to implement a mandatory program, how can they best administer it? Read More.  

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Important Differences between Self-Funded and Fully Insured Employee Benefits [free e-book]

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Choosing the right medical benefits package for your employees can be daunting. It's helpful to have tools to explain the terms, clarify the differences between packages, and help you navigate the technical minefield. Turn to our latest guide:...

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Don't Let Vaccinations Make You Sick: The Interactive Process and Vaccination Policies

Muslim female doctor in hospital giving an injection to a little boy

Flu vaccination policies can create a legal risk for health care providers and other employers, particularly when those policies mandate vaccination for employees. Read More

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55 Wellness Initiatives for Your Workplace

Happy healthy young woman wearing glasses pouring vegetable smoothies freshly made from assorted vegetable ingredients on her kitchen counter

A recent survey found that 90% of employers offer at least one wellness initiative. From the simple to the more complex, employer initiatives can contribute to a worker’s overall well being. read more.

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Could the EEOC sue over your "maximum leave" policy?

Employers who have a “maximum medical leave” policy should take note of a recent $1.7 million agreement between the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and a Fortune 50 company with a 12-month maximum medical leave policy. Read More

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Long Bathroom Breaks

washing basin

Question: I have an employee who is taking unusually long bathroom breaks. The frequent restroom use is disrupting work. What should I do to prevent the long bathroom breaks?

Answer: If you believe that an employee’s bathroom breaks are longer...

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