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The 2018 Holiday Shopping Season and Paycheck Withholding

Woman shopping and paying with a debit or credit card

Earlier this year, taxpayers across the country saw an increase in take-home pay on their paychecks due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The reduction in federal tax was welcomed, with average tax savings ranging from $1,400 to $2,917 depending on...

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10 Best Practices for Workers’ Compensation Claim Management


Whether you are the Head of School for a private school, or a doctor who has opened up your own practice, managing risk in the workplace is a must and should start well before an injury occurs. According to OSHA, workplace injuries and illnesses...

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Time Off to Vote: Four Employer Guidelines for Election Day

blog image vote

Election Day is approaching on November 6, 2018. Do you know how your business will handle employee time off requests? Currently, there aren’t any federal laws granting employees time off to vote; however, the majority of states do have laws in...

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When Disaster Strikes: 8 Steps to Prepare Your Business

Team of architects working on construction plans

In April 2017, Christopher Watkins and Tonya Gonzalez-Suarez were in their first morning on the job at a St. Louis company when a boiler exploded at a nearby business. The explosion launched the boiler through the roof and across the street,...

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Ask the Payroll Expert: How to Change to a New Pay Cycle

change pay cycle blog

Is your business considering changing its pay cycle? The reasons for changing vary, but we often hear from business owners and management who want to minimize the costs of processing payroll, while still staying within state laws. By changing to...

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Axcet HR Solutions Payroll Team to Present in Saint Louis


At Axcet HR Solutions, we couldn’t be more proud of our highly-tenured and credentialed payroll administration team, nor more excited for them to represent Axcet at the 16th Annual Midwest Regional Payroll Conference in St. Louis on September...

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Small Business Health Insurance Options

Small Business Health Insurance

Demands on small business owners go into overdrive during fourth quarter. Not only is it a prime time for preparing tax documents, reviewing sales against annual revenue goals and setting strategy for the coming year, but it’s also the time many...

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5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Outsource Payroll

Happy young woman in glasses standing near the window in office and working with blueprint

As a business owner, we’re sure you’re familiar with the sayings “time is money” and “time is your most valuable asset.” It’s hard to not get wrapped up in all areas of your business, and wearing many different hats along with working late seven...

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5 New Workplace Rules in a #MeToo World

Happy designers working on a document with colleagues working behind

In just 18 short months, the #MeToo movement has jolted the workplace in ways few other issues ever have. As women – and men – come forward to speak out about having been victims, sexual harassment has grabbed headlines and become a key issue...

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Small Businesses, Health Insurance and the PEO Option

Business people meeting around table in modern space

As a small business owner, the cost associated with providing health insurance to employees combined with the amount of time spent navigating various plans can be stressful and may even cause you to lose sleep. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. An...

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