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Employee health care benefits, payroll taxes and compliance with employment laws, manager coaching – all of these human resources tasks and many more land on the plates of small business owners and managers.

Yet, almost no smaller company leaders possess all the expertise needed to effectively handle those demands and rarely do they have financial resources to hire deep HR benches.

A professional employer organization (PEO) can change that paradigm. PEOs exist solely to manage essential HR tasks on behalf of small and medium-sized businesses. Companies that partner with PEOs save money, stress and worry while simultaneously gaining expert HR resources, confidence that they are complying with employment regulations and time that owners and managers can use to refocus on business growth.

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HR experts at PEOs provide a range of services that fall within four categories:

  •     Human resources
  •     Payroll administration
  •     Employee health benefits
  •     Risk management

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Human Resources

From a complete suite of HR services, clients work with the PEO to get the capabilities they need most. The outsourced HR functions small businesses commonly choose include:

  • Recruiting, hiring and retention strategy development
  • HR policy and employee handbook development
  • Background checks and drug screenings
  • Employee relations and employee engagement
  • Performance management, employee discipline and termination guidance
  • Unemployment claims processing and appeals
  • Regulatory compliance management

Axcet HR Solutions – an IRS-certified PEO – offers those services and more, allowing employers to take care of their employees by using Axcet as a robust, outsourced HR department for:

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Payroll Administration

Payroll and payroll tax administration are ongoing jobs that just get bigger, more complicated and more cumbersome as a company grows. A PEO like Axcet can take on both the responsibility and accountability for payroll administration, giving employers peace of mind that their employees will be paid exactly what they earned, precisely when they expect it.

Axcet’s payroll services are flexible, secure and provided by a dedicated administrator. Our technology gives client employees 24/7 access to their personal payroll information from any device.

Small business owners turn to Axcet for our expertise in payroll tax administration and payroll compliance.

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Employee Health Benefits

The right employee health benefits can create a competitive advantage for employers who want to attract, retain and engage top talent. But most smaller companies can’t afford enviable benefits packages – unless they partner with a PEO.

Axcet and other PEOs make Fortune 500-style benefits affordable and manageable for smaller companies by putting all client employees into a single group and taking that large group to the health care marketplace. With the larger group, Axcet has greater bargaining power with insurance providers and can bring back benefits packages that include:

  • Health, dental and vision
  • Life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Short-term and long-term disability
  • Health care flexible spending accounts
  • Dependent care flexible spending accounts
  • Health savings accounts
  • 401(k) – pre- and post-tax options
  • Employee assistance plans

As a trusted PEO employee benefits provider and administrator since 1988, Axcet further enhances small businesses’ employee benefits offerings by providing benefit plan administration, Affordable Care Act (ACA) management and HR compliance expertise.

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Risk Management

Keeping employees safe is both a moral and a legal obligation. It requires proactive, ongoing risk management, both to help prevent accidents and to mitigate claims losses.

A PEO like Axcet can help smaller employers develop safety policies and implement practices that contribute to a safer workplace. A PEO’s safety professionals also can train employees to understand the importance of and to follow the established protocols.

Starting with a risk assessment and mock OSHA audit, the safety team at Axcet helps small businesses identify and address safety deficiencies before they turn into problems – or, if a company already has received an OSHA citation, Axcet helps employers understand their rights, responsibilities and options to minimize financial penalties.

PEOs like Axcet also provide workers’ compensation insurance and, if a claim is filed, helps the smaller company manage the claim and contain costs.

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Small Businesses Retain Control

Hiring a PEO puts extensive HR resources at smaller employers’ fingertips without taking away any operational or decision-making control from owners and managers. Small to mid-size employers always retain control over:

  • Recruiting and hiring decisions
  • Day-to-day management of all employees
  • Talent development
  • Organizational structure and development
  • Business succession planning
  • Strategic capital planning

Axcet provides a full suite of PEO services and corresponding expertise to help grow your business. Partnering with a trusted PEO like Axcet for day-to-day HR needs translates to a smoother-running operation, more time for expansion efforts and a higher-performing workforce.

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