Leveraging PEO Expertise for an Advanced Health & Safety Program

By Sam Hihn on Nov 29, 2023
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Implementing a comprehensive health and safety program can seem daunting for any small business owner caught up in the whirlwind of daily operations. You're constantly juggling the demands of meeting customer expectations, achieving revenue targets, and scaling your business. Amidst this, keeping abreast of evolving regulations and implementing various workplace safety practices and requirements can be overwhelming.

However, you're not alone in this challenge. Like many small to mid-sized businesses, finding the balance between operational demands and maintaining a safe work environment is a common hurdle. But it's crucial to remember that even as you focus on business growth and customer satisfaction, safety should never be compromised. A robust health and safety program is not just a regulatory requirement; it's a cornerstone of a thriving, responsible business.

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How PEOs Deliver Customized Health & Safety Programs

Embracing a proactive approach to health and safety in your workplace is crucial, and outsourcing its implementation and maintenance can be both effective and economical. This is where a professional employer organization (PEO) becomes an invaluable partner for your business. By collaborating with a PEO, small businesses gain access to specialized workplace health and safety experts, benefiting from their knowledge and experience without the need for full-time hires.

In this segment, we'll explore nine key ways in which PEOs contribute to enhancing workplace safety. They not only offer customized safety recommendations but also assist in their practical and efficient implementation. The guidance and support from a seasoned health and safety consultant through a PEO can be a game-changer, ensuring your business not only meets compliance standards but also fosters a safer working environment for everyone.

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Here are 9 ways a PEO works to provide your business with a customized health and safety program:

Risk Assessments 

The first step in a workplace safety revamp is for a knowledgeable expert to conduct a thorough risk assessment tailored to your business. Risk assessments should be completed with all federal, state, local, and industry-specific safety regulations in mind. When Axcet’s safety and health consultants conduct risk assessments, they often uncover safety hazards and violations that could result in worker injury as well as OSHA violations. 

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Ergonomic Assessments 

It is estimated that one in every two U.S. adults (126.6 million individuals) has a musculoskeletal condition, including arthritis or chronic back pain. Many of these conditions originate from an individual’s working environment—either from the way they sit in an office chair or the way they perform their tasks at work. 

Many PEOs are able to conduct ergonomic assessments at your workplace in order to identify and mitigate these health risks before problems escalate. Successful mitigation leads to fewer employee absences and workers’ compensation claims. 

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Assessments 

The workplace health and safety consultants at Axcet HR Solutions are adept at performing in-depth personal protective equipment (PPE) assessments during site visits. They’ll examine hazards such as chemical vapors, dust, rough edges, noise, and other factors in order to create a set of tailored safety recommendations for you to adopt. 

Up-to-Date Safety Products & Procedures 

From start-ups that are just beginning to figure out their many safety needs—to established businesses that need a safety revamp, all businesses can benefit from bringing in new recommendations from the experts. 

Many businesses are still using the same workplace safety policies and procedures they used ten or more years ago. Not only have regulations changed in recent years, but new safety products and policies have been developed that are more affordable, and frequently, far more effective. 

Axcet HR Solutions can compile all of your needs, requirements and regulatory considerations into a single set of thorough safety policies and procedures. Our experts can also create and help you carry out a thorough safety program to cut down on employee injuries and business downtime. 

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Industry-Specific Safety Training 

Axcet’s health and safety consultants are able to deliver in-person First Aid/CPR training and industry-specific safety training that is tailored to your business needs, its physical spaces and your employees’ schedules. 

Safety Committee 

Many businesses have safety committees based on their organizational structure and employee count. Axcet health and safety consultants can assist you in developing an effective and efficient safety committee that can assist your management team in reducing injuries and improving your safety conditions.  

OSHA Compliance

There is no better way to prepare for an OSHA inspection than by conducting a “mock” OSHA inspection. Think of it as an internal audit of your business’ workplace safety standards. An experienced and qualified workplace health and safety consultant from Axcet HR Solutions will walk through your workplace just as OSHA would with an eye to help you correct any issues before OSHA comes to the door. We also help you comply with your OSHA record-keeping requirements, including your OSHA 300 log. 

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Emergency Preparedness 

You never know when a natural disaster or workplace safety emergency will occur—but you can be prepared for one. Certified PEOs understand the risks businesses face and can help you develop a customized emergency action plan. Once risks are identified, Axcet can also provide emergency preparedness training to your employees. 

Injury Investigation & Workers’ Comp Claim Management 

Workers’ compensation claims can be one of the most agonizing HR tasks a business will face. The task is made all the more complicated when a business suspects that a claim may be fraudulent.

Axcet HR Solutions is able to lead the way through injury investigation and workers’ compensation claim management, guiding you through the dispute process, appeals, and more. If the claim is legitimate, we’ll also help you determine exactly what you need to do to make sure the incident doesn’t repeat itself. 

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Workplace Health & Safety Consultant: Axcet HR Solutions

Looking for a PEO who can provide all of the above and more? Meet Axcet HR Solutions. We’re your partner for risk management, workers’ compensation claims management, HR compliance and a full suite of HR tasks and responsibilities. 

Schedule a quick consultation with a safety and risk management consultant today. We’re excited to help you stay compliant and keep your employees safe—so you can get back to your core business. 

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Written by Sam Hihn

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