Three Ways Small Business Owners Can Attract and Retain Employees in a Tight Labor Market

By Jeanette Coleman, SPHR & SHRM-SCP on Apr 20, 2018
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It’s that time of year again - tax season. In previous years, the thought of gathering up the necessary tax documents, or finding out how much money would be owed, may have created a sense of dread for small business owners, but this year is different. According to a March 2018 NFIB Small Business Economic Trends survey, optimism among small business owners reached its 16th consecutive month in the top 5 percent of the 45 years of survey readings.

When asked the number one problem faced as a small business owner, taxes received the fewest votes. So, what are small business owners losing sleep over? Attracting, hiring and retaining qualified talent. 

Small Business Owners Struggle to Attract and Retain Workers

With the economy as hot as it is and the unemployment rate hovering just over 4 percent, companies are finding it a struggle to attract and retain workers, especially small businesses who may not be able to put up the large salary for qualified candidates like large corporations. According to SeekingAlpha, 35 percent of firms currently report having open positions they are unable to fill and a record high 20 percent of firms plan to increase employment in the coming months. 

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How a PEO Helps Recruit and Retain Talent

Smaller businesses may not have the recruiting strength and HR department of larger companies, like Google, but they shouldn’t settle when it comes to hiring. That’s where Axcet HR Solutions, a professional employment organization comes in. At Axcet HR Solutions, we don’t believe business owners should lose sleep about HR matters. Our human resources consultants are experienced in the most advanced recruiting, hiring and retention strategies and technology. At Axcet, our goal is to help you find high-performing candidates who embrace your company’s culture and mission.   

"Our clients are embracing our advanced technology that includes automated job ad placement, applicant tracking, applicant responses, managing offers and is integrated with our online employee onboarding. It's making the task of hiring so much easier and more effective. It's the competitive edge they need to compete in this market with larger companies," explained Derrick Love, corporate sales manager for Axcet HR Solutions.

To find out more about how to compete with large organizations when it comes to hiring the right candidate, read this blog post to find out what employees really want.

Visit our website for more information on how Axcet HR Solutions helps businesses with employee recruiting and retaining.

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