Talent Acquisition Strategies: PEOs Are a Game Changer for SMEs

By Mariah Collins, SHRM-CP on Oct 04, 2023
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In today's dynamic business landscape, talent acquisition strategies are the linchpin of success for small to mid-sized businesses. With the extensive capabilities of a professional employer organization (PEO), even the nimblest of startups can refine their talent acquisition approaches, positioning themselves uniquely in the quest for the ideal candidates.

In this piece, we'll explore how PEO services are revolutionizing talent acquisition strategies for businesses, ensuring the attraction and retention of leading talent in various sectors. 

We’ll also look into the key strategies certified PEOs employ to accomplish this, including: 

  • Leveraging industry knowledge
  • Utilizing advanced technology (like applicant tracking software, and online onboarding)
  • Providing HR expertise (including job posting and interviewing assistance) 
  • Offering attractive benefits packages (such as health insurance, 401(k)s, employee assistance plans, wellness programs and more) 

These talent acquisition strategies collectively enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process.

By employing PEO services, businesses are positioned to navigate the often complex landscape of talent acquisition, ensuring they not only attract but also retain top talent in their respective fields. 

employee life cycle

Leverage Industry Knowledge 

When you partner with an experienced certified PEO, you gain access to deep industry knowledge—as if you’d had an HR business partner working with you for years. Great PEO teams take the time to learn about your unique business circumstances and needs, and then put them into the context of what’s going on with other companies in your field.

This can help you understand exactly where you stand in terms of compensation packages, benefits offerings and broader HR practices - like safety and compliance. 

Working with a PEO will give you a birds-eye view of where you are in the talent landscape, allowing you to benchmark your metrics against competitors and find the right balance for you. 

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Use a PEO for Recruiting & Gain Access to Advanced Technology 

Researching, comparing, selecting, and finally, affording advanced recruiting and applicant tracking technology is a huge undertaking for a small to mid-sized company focused on growing and scaling its core business. But, the size of your employee pool doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on the technology that larger companies have the resources to use in-house. 

According to Forbes, HR technology is helping businesses by “reducing costs,” and “shortening the average time to fill while increasing candidate quality.” When you use a PEO, you gain access to these state-of-the-art recruiting and applicant tracking systems.

Axcet HR Solutions' technology streamlines the search process and improves the candidate experience from end to end, increasing your company’s recruiting competitiveness. Posting a tailored (and compliant) job description to multiple job boards doesn’t have to take you days anymore.

In fact, with Axcet’s HR technology, you can post your open positions to up to 15 free job boards instantly, including Indeed, and you’ll always have the option to expand to more. 

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Lean on a PEO’s HR & Talent Acquisition Strategies Expertise 

If you’ve ever wished you could take the guesswork out of the many stages of the interview process, you should consider partnering with a PEO. The PEO talent acquisition strategies experts help with the entire hiring process from beginning to end, starting with crafting and posting the perfect job description.

While your business will always retain its final say in any hiring decisions, PEOs can (if desired) help conduct initial candidate screenings, background checks and more—all while maintaining compliance with federal, state and local hiring laws. 

Of course, PEO assistance doesn’t stop with talent acquisition strategies. Your PEO partner will work with you to manage the entire employee lifecycle, starting with comprehensive onboarding, and extending to any issues that may come up along the way: from training and development, to discipline and workers’ compensation and beyond.

benefits of a peo six lesser known services that can transform your business

Offer Better Benefits (for Less) 

According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses’ Executive Director of Research Holly Hade, “The cost of health insurance is by far the biggest challenge for employers who offer health insurance and for those who do not offer it. Small employers compete for talent in filling open positions and are aware that health insurance is an important benefit for many employees and job seekers.”

Businesses seeking to fill open positions know just how true this is, and if you’re like many of them, you’re wondering what you can do to offer the best benefits without bending your budget. 

The smaller your employee pool, the trickier it can be to offer health insurance and other attractive benefits to your applicants and employees. The way insurance premiums are calculated considers a multitude of factors, but one of the most significant is the size of an employee pool.

That’s why one of the most efficient ways to save money on employee healthcare (without cutting corners) comes down to negotiation strength and bargaining power—two benefits you can avail to your business by partnering with a PEO. 

When small businesses partner with a PEO for health insurance, the PEO becomes the employer-of-record for benefits administration purposes. This may increase the employee pool (and bargaining power) you can claim in the negotiation process.

Using a healthcare PEO gives you access to: 

  • Group health insurance plans 
  • Strong 401(k) plans
  • Well-designed Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
  • Sought-after fitness and wellness programs
  • And so much more—all at extremely competitive rates 

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Axcet HR Solutions' PEO Talent Acquisition Strategies Are a Game Changer 

When it comes to human resources, partnering with Axcet HR Solutions means you can work smarter, not harder. As your certified professional employer organization, we use a multi-faceted approach to talent acquisition that will help your small to mid-size business attract and retain great candidates—and take care of them throughout their tenure. 

The benefits of partnering with a PEO discussed in this article touch on just the beginning of all that Axcet can do to help you tackle your HR tasks, including talent acquisition strategies. Reach out to our consultants today to learn more about how using PEO services can pay for itself in more ways than one. 

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