An Applicant Tracking System is an Undeniable Asset for Your Small Business

By Jeanette Coleman, SPHR & SHRM-SCP on Aug 11, 2020
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An Applicant Tracking System is an Undeniable Asset for Your Small Business

If you haven't invested in an applicant tracking system (ATS) yet, your business is missing out on an impressive array of features that make hiring and recruiting top talent for your picture-perfect team easier. While that may sound like hyperbole, you will soon realize what an undeniable and multifaceted asset an ATS is for your business.

Before diving into our list of reasons that make an ATS invaluable for your talent search and acquisition, check out these two testimonials from our local small business clients who work with our experienced talent recruitment team and use our ATS for quick and rewarding results:

"We have been utilizing the applicant tracking system for about 2 weeks now. It’s a great tool as an HR / Recruiting person. It's very user-friendly and easy to understand. Electronic signatures are the best when sending an offer letter. It is very simple to track any candidate you have in the interview process. I look forward to seeing what types of updates come next month! Thank you for keeping in contact step by step." || Yvonne W. North Kansas City, Missouri


"I do really like the applicant tracking system. The system makes it easy for me to track multiple applicants for multiple postings from application to hire. It reduces the administrative burden on our hiring managers and in human resources staff immensely." || Brennan C. Kansas City, Kansas

We are thrilled our clients love using our ATS. We love it too, which is why we want you to learn more about what an ATS has to offer.

Applicant Tracking Systems Aren't Just for Large Organizations

Here Are Some of Our Favorite Benefits:

  • Includes an array of useful features
    ATS designers and developers keep expanding features to further refine the hiring process for busy HR teams. Here are some of the key features set to simplify your work:
    • Resume importing, sorting and filtering
    • Candidate phase tracking
    • Mobile application capabilities
    • Employee referral filing and management
    • Job board listings and management
    • Branded job board and career websites
    • Video interviewing
    • Interview scheduling
    • Interview feedback tools
    • Background checks and employee verifications
    • Analytics for recruiting and predictive performance
    • Offer letter templates and management
    • Algorithms to assess quality-of-hire
  • Advances the hiring process quickly

Even if your hiring team is not on a tight deadline to fill a position, the sooner you bring the right person aboard, the better. You don't want your competition to sneak in and steal your dream candidate before your hiring process gains full momentum. An ATS helps you launch your search and find well-suited candidates quickly. The best ATS models significantly improve time-to-hire, which is the total time spent working to fill an open job position. An ATS takes a large portion of time out of performing multiple tasks in different environments. Instead of working out of your electronic calendar, Excel and Word documents, you can perform all essential functions in the ATS platform. Further, an ATS allows for the use of automation to perform routine tasks that include scheduling interviews and sending out notifications to candidates, which saves your hiring team from hours of busy work each day.

four ways an ATS improves talent recruitment
  • Offers better and faster resume screening
    Resumes are imperfect tools for finding ideal candidates since job seekers sometimes withhold or contort truth—and sometimes they simply lie—to look better or hide something unpleasant in their work history. Resume tweaks are as old as the hiring process itself, especially when someone wants a spot in your organization. Some candidates have developed high-level skills in resume creativity, making it difficult for the sharpest recruiters to catch resume inconsistencies and worse. Add in a high volume of resumes and a short hiring timeline, and it becomes easy to miss both the worst and the best candidates. By relying on an ATS for resume screening and sorting, plug in keywords and phrases that fit the position and its related qualifications, requirements, educational background, and more to narrow down the first phase of your hiring process within a much shorter time frame.
  • Improves quality-of-hire for long-term mutual employment success

Employee turnover costs are high at $15,000 per worker, so you want to avoid those errors by finding your ideal candidate on the first attempt. Focusing on a quality hire is essential to putting the right person in the right position at the right time. With this strategy, you stand a better chance of keeping a high-quality employee onboard for the long term. An ATS program can help you set pre-identified qualifications and standards to sort unqualified candidates from ideal candidates as early as possible.

At Axcet HR Solutions, our clients have already expressed how happy they are with our ATS system and its features as it applies to their own recruiting and hiring process. We look forward to helping more local and regional Kansas City businesses experience the same satisfaction. Contact us if you would like to learn all that our recruiting professionals and ATS program can do to streamline your hiring efforts to strengthen your small or mid-sized business.

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