3 Creative Employee Recruitment Strategies That Really Work

By Samantha Smitka on Jun 22, 2023
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At a time when the competition for talent is as steep as ever, employers across the country are on the hunt for the best and most creative recruiting strategies. While the internet is awash with tips and tricks for finding the “hidden gems,” not all the tactics you’ll find are practical or feasible for small businesses and startups. In this post, I’ll separate fact from fiction: (no, you don’t have to hire a recruiting company; yes, you can develop your own strategies!) 

Here you’ll find three employee recruitment strategies that really work, so you can determine where to focus your valuable time. And if you need a hand, don’t forget the experienced team of HR consultants at Axcet HR Solutions is always here to help you design and refine your own unique recruiting approaches. 

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1. Tap into a New Talent Pool Through Internships 

Once young people get into their college or trade school programs, they’re already being targeted for internships by a host of companies big and small. Largely, this is because these young folks, by signing onto an educational program, have shown that they both (1) are committed to the field, and (2) have absorbed some formal job-related instruction already. 

High school students, on the other hand, require employers to “take a chance” on them—but they’re just as eager to learn. Many high school students benefit from (and are actively looking for) the few internships that are open to them.

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High school internships make an excellent addition to a resume or a college application and can give young people a leg-up when it comes to applying for more competitive internships in the future. Besides, exploring a field early on can help high schoolers determine or affirm their interests and aptitudes ahead of schedule. 

As a small business, you’re in a unique position to offer high school interns a suite of benefits that they won’t find at many larger companies: one on one mentorships, rotational opportunities, and a “whole picture” experience of what it’s really like to work in your industry. To get your high school internship program rolling, reach out to local schools in your areas to inquire about job fairs or internal postings, or post your internship for free on a site like LinkedIn or Chegg Internships

do we have to pay our interns

2. Join the “Second Chance” Hiring Movement 

Did you know that almost 8% of American adults have a felony on their record? The number of Americans with prior blemishes on their records represents a significant portion of the workforce—a segment that is often overlooked by employers who have not questioned their recruiting approaches for some time. The “Second Chance” hiring movement encourages companies to hire those individuals whose prior convictions have nothing to do with the type of work they’re searching for. 

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The tax benefits of hiring an individual with a criminal record are not to be ignored, either. The benefits available to you will vary based on your state and locality, but if anything, they will serve as a complement to those offered in all states by the federal government. The U.S. government’s Work Opportunity Tax Credit or “WOTC” provides lucrative credits for employers, who may be eligible to receive matches on salaries to ex-felons of up to a dollar-per-dollar spent. 

hiring someone with a prior criminal record

3. Target Caregivers Who Have Taken Time Away from the Workforce but Are Eager to Rejoin

In a Harvard Business Review report, “Hidden Workers: Untapped Talent,” researchers report that “over the last few decades, the rising burden of care—both childcare and eldercare—has led people either to drop out of the workforce altogether or seek part-time work.” In the United States, this has translated to a declining full-time labor force that has been sloping down in proportion since the year 2000. 

Many employees who have left work to temporarily provide care to loved ones are eager to rejoin companies but are left discouraged by available options.

One key way to attract these workers is by tailoring your job descriptions: 

  • show off all of the benefits you offer that may be attractive to employees balancing care-taking duties (like a dependent care flexible spending account or flexible work hours) 
  • consider lowering your requirements for years of experience. Many talented employees who have had to take time off to be caregivers are disheartened by the years of experience they’ve missed, but are eager to make up for lost time. 

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Axcet HR Solutions: Meet Your Dedicated HR Partner 

If you’re looking to revamp your recruitment strategies, meet Axcet HR Solutions. Our dedicated Human Resources consultants will help you design recruiting approaches based on your industry, your company, and your specific job needs. With Axcet HR, you’ll never need to waste your business’ valuable time and resources looking for candidates in the wrong places. 

The Experts at Axcet HR are able to develop a full hiring process for your business, encompassing best practices for creating compliant job descriptions, interviewing, running background checks, writing offer letters, onboarding, retention, and more. During our work with you, your company’s compliance needs and risk management concerns stay salient—you can trust that you’re in good hands. 

Recruitment and retention strategies are just the beginning of what we offer at Axcet. To find out how we can serve you, schedule a consultation with our experts today

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Written by Samantha Smitka

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