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How to Prepare Your Business for Winter Weather

Axcet Winter 2

The calendar may indicate it’s still fall, but the cold temperatures and fresh snowfall covering the ground across the Kansas City metro tells us Old Man Winter has decided to arrive early. While it may be all fun and games for children who dream...

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Valuable IRS Resources to Help Prepare for 2019 Tax Filing

Smiling business people working together in the office

There are important changes that you need to know before the 2019 filing season begins. The IRS has created a couple very helpful resources to help you prepare to file your tax returns timely and accurately next year.

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How to Explain Health Insurance Benefits to Employees

Rear view of a doubtful businessman looking at various question marks drawn on a grey wall

It’s that time of year again, when small business owners across the country are renewing their health benefits plans for 2019 or considering offering them for the first time. It’s common for both employers and employees to feel a little...

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8 Factors Impacting Your Employee Health Care Costs

Group of business people brainstorming together in the meeting room

Rising and unpredictable employee health insurance costs can be a big headache for small business owners.  While you can’t change all the factors built into health insurance costs, but there are choices you can make that can reduce the cost of...

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Beyond the Water Cooler: 7 HR Best Practices for Small Business Owners

Successful business team at the office looking happy

Most business owners agree employees are their most valuable assets. So, it follows that maintaining a desirable workplace where people enjoy their jobs is imperative to a company’s long-term success. But managing day-to-day human resource...

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Ask the Expert: Halloween Safety Tips


Who doesn’t love Halloween? Brisk fall air, trees ablaze with beautiful autumn colors, scary movies galore, tons of candy and quite possibly the only chance you may get all year long to dress up as something else. There’s something in the holiday...

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How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Affects Businesses

A group of corporate people working by the office table

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts Law (TCJA) – a sweeping tax overhaul that passed in December 2017 – includes trillions of dollars in tax cuts and benefits for both workers and business owners. The changes took effect in 2018 for taxes that will be...

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10 Steps for a Successful Employee Offboarding Experience

Unhappy fired business people holding box in office

As a business owner, for the most part, you’ve probably found employees who choose to depart your organization do so peacefully. They turn in their notice and you gradually transition them out of their role at your company. No drama, and...

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The 2018 Holiday Shopping Season and Paycheck Withholding

Woman shopping and paying with a debit or credit card

Earlier this year, taxpayers across the country saw an increase in take-home pay on their paychecks due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The reduction in federal tax was welcomed, with average tax savings ranging from $1,400 to $2,917 depending on...

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10 Best Practices for Workers’ Compensation Claim Management


Whether you are the Head of School for a private school, or a doctor who has opened up your own practice, managing risk in the workplace is a must and should start well before an injury occurs. According to OSHA, workplace injuries and illnesses...

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