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Local vs. National: 4 Reasons It’s Better to Partner With a Local PEO

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For employers in search of the best PEO for their small business, more than likely, there will come a time when they consider what’s better - a local or national PEO. Yes, there is a difference, and bigger isn’t always better.

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Key Law Changes Affecting Small Businesses in 2018: A Year in Review


We may have closed the books on 2018, but the employment law changes, high profile sexual harassment cases and data breach headlines of the previous year will continue to impact business owners in 2019. From businesses attempting to navigate...

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Self-Funded Insurance May Cost More Than It Saves: Risk ACA Non-Compliance Penalties Can Add Up

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Health insurance costs have consistently and noticeably increased every year since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became law in 2010. To save money, some smaller companies have turned to self-funded insurance plans – a model more typically...

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How-To Use Employee Benefits as a Recruitment Tool

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If you’re not using benefits to attract talent to your small business, then you’re missing out. Oftentimes small businesses can’t afford a large starting salary, but there’s good news. An impressive salary may only work initially to hook a top...

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What Employers Need to Know About FMLA Intermittent Leave

Smiling employee's in a line at work

Most employers know, under the FMLA, employees may take unpaid leave of up to 12 weeks within a 12-month period. What they may not know is eligible employees don’t always have to take the approved leave period all at once. When “medically...

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Can We Talk? Avoiding Legal Land Mines with Employees on FMLA Leave

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Question: A key employee is out on FMLA leave. An issue has come up that no one else at our workplace seems able to address. We think the employee on leave could easily speak to it. Is there any problem with contacting the employee?

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Ask the Expert: Medical Marijuana and Workplace Safety

med marijuana

Missouri Amendment 2 passed on Election Day 2018, legalizing the use of medical marijuana for qualifying patients, and making Missouri one of 33 states having passed legislation permitting its use. It’s likely employers won’t see their first...

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IRS Increases 2019 401(k) and IRA Contribution Limits

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We have great news for retirement savers who resolved to save as much as possible this calendar year. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued cost of living adjustments for 2019, which increased the contribution limit for certain retirement...

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How to Communicate Weather-Related Business Closures to Employees and Customers

jan 15

It can be a tough call for even for the most experienced business owners - weather the storm or close for the day due to bad weather conditions? In fact, it’s a decision many Kansas City area business owners have already had to make this winter....

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HR Outsourcing: A Tool for Building a Better Business

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Smart business owners and managers use outsourcing as a growth tool. Outsourcing to professionals who have industry-specific business acumen you don’t possess frees up your time to focus on income-generating activities – and typically saves...

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